PN CELL Vitoxidil

Product Name : PN CELL Vitoxidil

Benefits : Hair growth, Scalp care

Active Ingredients : PDRN, water, mannitol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Chloride, Zinc DNA, Copper Tripeptide-1

Efficacy  : inhibits excessive secretion of sebum, strengthens scalp hair growth by powerful interaction of Triple DNA (sodium, copper, zinc DNA)

Contents : Cu-DNA, Zn-DNA, Na-DNA

Usage :  0.5g×5vials + 5ml pure water x 5vials / BOX

Chracteristic : Secrtion of Sebum (Seborrheic Scalp), Strengthen Scalp, Hair Growth



Cu acts important role of the essential enzyme system in the human body such as Improving Tissue condition, Hair Growth and other biological reaction


Cu is the essential content of Melanin which gives pigment to skin and hair naturally.


Zn-DNA reduces secretion of sebum through inhibition of Anti- Seborrheic 5α- Reductase’s activation

Sterilization & Anti-inflammation.

Clinical Data

Inhibiting Secretion of Sebum, strengthening Scalp and promoting of Hair Growth using Triple DNA(sodium, copper, zinc DNA)